Date: 7/19/20 6:55 pm
From: janna pauser <jannapauser...>
Subject: [southbaybirds] Los Capitancillos Ponds west
I birded the west Los Capitancillos Ponds from Singletree to Meridian
this morning. WARBLING VIREO family groups were seen in three locations.
Interesting because they seem to have left other area's where they
nested. A single BLUE GRAY GNATCATCHER was near the fish ladder. A
YELLOW WARBLER was heard in a known location. Other heard only birds

Lots of swallows, mostly NO. ROUGH WINGED and CLIFF but also VIOLET
GREEN and TREE SWALLOWS were over the first two ponds. At least 50
VAUX'S SWIFTS were high overhead and to the south. I saw six GREAT
TAILED GRACKLES, 2 males, 2 females and 2 fledglings. A small flock of
HOODED ORIOLES was chattering near the creek. Of interest on the ponds
was the RUDDY DUCK family. An adult GREEN HERON was at the west most
pond. A PIED BILLED GREBE nest with nestlings was tucked into the
cattails near nesting AM. COOTS. More coots were on the pond with tiny
begging young. WESTERN BLUEBIRD family groups were seen in three locations.

One evening last week a large flock of 50+ juvenile BROWN HEADED
COWBIRDS in with juv. and adult RED WINGED BLACKBIRDS were seen at these

Janna Pauser
San Jose

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