Date: 7/19/20 4:44 pm
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I agree with Maeve. I am noticing actually more birdsong in the morning
than I did in June. Just today, my beloved winter wren was still singing,
and quite close to the house...thank you, dear wren, I love your song! But
many others are singing also when I go out at 6 am with my pup (Cardinal,
Song sparrow, Catbird, Yellowthroats, Chest-nut sided Warblers, Veery,
Hermit thrush, Wood thrush, etc), and all through the day! I am really
enjoying it, and feeling like I want to hold on to it, which of course I
can't. So, I will try to be present to it while it's here. Evergreen in

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There's less song now, yes - but I've been astonished this year by how
frequent some songs are this late in the breeding season. Maybe it's just
because I'm home all the time and paying more attention, but I can't
remember ever hearing Common Yellowthroats and Chestnut-sided Warblers
singing so often in July. We hear our resident catbird daily, along with
Song Sparrows, American Robins (including one virtuoso that welcomes each
dawn with twenty minutes or more of truly glorious song), goldfinches, House
Finches, Red-eyed Vireos and even an occasional shout-out from a
Rose-breasted Grosbeak. The Ovenbird across the street sang regularly until
about a week ago.
Maeve Kim, Jericho Center
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