Date: 7/19/20 2:12 pm
From: MARIA STOCKMAL via CTBirds <ctbirds...>
Subject: [CT Birds] Sandy Point
What a day today for nesting birds! Expecting a boring day, Sandy Point was full of bird nesting. This was my first day our after beaches were closed and I couldn't be happier. Summary:

Piping Plovers: 8 adults, 10 fledglings. I'm not sure if these birds a the product of Sandy Point, but, if they are, the birds are on target. Two more nests with 5 hatchlings to go.

The Least Terns are back! About 50 nesting pairs with chicks of all ages. I stop counting at 25 chicks. Appears that terns are still sitting on nests since we were dive bombed in a few locations. Migrant terns are also coming through.

No Common Terns nesting but about 25 in the area stealing fish from the Least Terns and from each other.

American Oystercatchers: 4 adults hosting 5 fledglings.

Willets showing well with 11 birds.

1 Saltmarsh Sparrow, Peregrine Falcon, 3 Brant, Red-throated Loon, and the usual.

I saved the best for last: 12 Black Skimmers. Looks like at least two nests. Hard to tell at this point. Welcome back!

Remember to social distance and to bird distance as well if going out to where there are nesting birds. It is a challenging time at Sandy Point with so much activity taking place and birds being wary of each other and protecting their chicks. They do not need us to provide more interference. If you are photographing, please stay outside the fencing and a good distance away from the birds.

Maria Stockmal
East Haven

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