Date: 7/19/20 8:57 am
From: Brian Gibbons <thehornedguan...>
Subject: [AZNMbirds] [EXT]SEAZ: Tucson Migration Morning Flight - Migration is on!
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Hi Birders

The summer doldrums are over! The last three mornings I've been monitoring
flyover migrants from my Tucson yard in the far SE side of town.

Today 19 July was my best day so far but the 17th and 18th were active too.
Today I watched from before 6 am until after 8 am.

These birds are in singles and small groups and flyover at rooftop level,
with some a couple hundred feet up. Many of my detections are heard first.
I'm still working out what it is I'm witnessing here. I still think the
local topography plays into this phenomenon as southbound birds transit
Reddington Pass and fly southwest to bypass the Rincons then divert south
where Tanque Verde Ridge peters out on the east side of town. I have viewed
this same event from Saguaro National Park East and others have seen
morning flights in Vail and Green Valley. So get out there and see what's
going over.

A list of today's migrants

15 Western Kingbirds
6 Cliff Swallows
20 Northern Mockingbirds
7 Phainopepla
21 Lark Sparrows
13 Bullock's Orioles
1 Scott's Oriole
7 Oriole sp
5 Lucy's Warblers (some were tree-hopping through)
2 Western Tanagers
4 Black-headed Grosbeak all were migrants but only one was a flyover others
were foraging in mesquite
2 Lazuli Buntings
4 passerine sp. all flyover migrants too far to ID.

Good birding Brian from Tucson
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