Date: 7/18/20 3:07 pm
From: Steven Tucker via <talkingtrees80=<>
Subject: [southbaybirds] some Palo Alto bayside access and site notes
This morning I decided I should finally check out the mouth of San Francisquito Creek for the first time ever, since shorebirds are back in. I went during a rising tide - I know birders commonly say a falling tide is best here, but it was something new to do and I was curious. This route may be well known to many already, but after looking at Google Earth I decided to access it from the east end of O'Connor Street which appeared to be the shortest direct path from public parking at only ~0.6 mile away. Street parking was easy to find and it was a nice, quick walk but I don't have much to report - there were a modest number of birds there, but I think many shorebirds had already headed to high tide roosts by the time I arrived, and almost all shorebirds had departed by the time I left a half hour later. I will definitely use this access point again next time though.
I then drove over to Palo Alto Baylands and found all the usual parking lots open, without any covid-related closures. That's probably old news to many of you but it was new to me. It was a nice stop but the only somewhat unexpected bird was a Lesser Yellowlegs.
On the way out I checked the Geng Road pond to see if it had enough water to be attractive to shorebirds. It wasn't absolutely dry but there was only a small wetted area - no shorebirds present besides Killdeer.
Steve TuckerSan Jose

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