Date: 7/18/20 3:00 pm
From: John Callender <jbc...>
Subject: Re: [sbcobirding] SYRE and Surf
I was there this morning as well, and had better luck getting views of the shorebirds, I think because I started earlier (shortly after 6 a.m.). I realize that's before the park's official opening time of 8, so maybe that's frowned upon? I've done the same in the past without problems, but that could be more luck than anything else. In any event, I was the only person there when I started, and was able to get decent looks at shorebirds feeding on both sides of the railroad bridge, though later, as more people arrived, they moved further away. The highlight was five birds I'm calling Baird's Sandpipers, though they did seem chunkier than I expected and I'd appreciate feedback if people are willing to look at my (poor) photos. They were mixed in with the peeps on the west side of the railroad bridge across from the viewing platform. Four of them took off together and flew south down the coast while I was watching them; the fifth was still there when I left that side of the tracks around 9 a.m.

My lists and photos are here: - Ocean Beach Park - Surf Beach

John Callender

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