Date: 7/18/20 2:39 pm
From: Dave Compton <davcompton60...>
Subject: [sbcobirding] SYRE and Surf
I visited the Santa Ynez River estuary (Ocean Park) and Surf beach today.
My feeling is that shorebirding at the estuary is going to be frustrating
this fall migration. There were about 100 peeps there (mostly, if not all,
WESTERN SANDPIPERS), and they were close enough for ID for about 5 minutes
of the time I was there, spending the rest of the time north of the island,
where they were shielded from view and/or too far to ID. Not a ton of
birds overall, either: a couple of WILLETS, maybe 15 SEMIPALMATED PLOVERS,
and of course KILLDEER and SNOWY PLOVER. The REDDISH EGRET was in easy view
west of the island when I arrived, but soon flew upriver. After a walk to
the west side of the railroad tracks, I couldn't refind the egret. Only one
LEAST TERN around, but there was a flock of 10 CASPIANS about.

Later, I visited Surf Beach, where I did a sea watch from just west of the
tracks. There was a nice size feeding frenzy within a mile of shore, with
bunches of gulls, pelicans, and cormorants around a pod of common dolphins.
Two humpback whales were closer to shore than I think I have seen this
species. It appeared two more were well off to the northwest, where I was
lucky enough to see one breeching. Five or six PIGEON GUILLEMOTS were
scattered about in the water. No other alcids. I had one each of PACIFIC

Dave Compton
Santa Barbara

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