Date: 7/18/20 5:19 am
From: Chuck Sexton <gcwarbler...>
Subject: [texbirds] Re: birding in 1882 by shotgun - help!
Hey, TexBirders.

PLEASE PLEASE stop requoting entire previous posts when you make a reply to anything on this forum. In this recent thread, most of these comments are requoting Bert’s long extract of the old article. For those of us who read TexBirds in daily digest form, this has become a miles-long digest with short new comments interspersed in long streams of requotes. It’s nearly impossible to find your new post/thought/comment.

You can set this in your email preferences.

If you choose to selectively requote for clarity, that’s fine. Please be judicious about requotes on previous texts and make them relevant.

Chuck Sexton
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