Date: 7/17/20 9:17 pm
From: m_m_rogers <>
Subject: [southbaybirds] Salt Pond A2E - 7/17/2020


Today 7/17/2020, I biked out to Salt Pond A2E from the Shoreline kite flying area to tally LEAST TERNS, finding at least 11 (the highest tally seen at once was 4 adults and 7 juveniles). Two adults with 4 juveniles were atop the submerged wooden hunting blind #2, an adult and a juvenile were perched on the former boardwalk post nearest the south levee, and further east along the south levee were an adult attending a juvenile and an independent juvenile. On the other side of the levee, in the dried out triangular pond, were an adult female SNOWY PLOVER with a fledged juvenile and another calling in response to a flyover AMERICAN KESTREL. In the northwest corner of Pond A2E were a CLARK'S GREBE and an adult BROWN PELICAN with 3 AMERICAN WHITE PELICANS. Thirty-one more BROWN PELICANS flying in a "V" headed north further out towards the bay (most, if not all, immatures).

Surprising was a vocal HOUSE WREN in the coyote brush near the east end of the rusty bridge over Stevens Creek at the northwest corner of the old Navarro farm area on Moffett Field. It eventually came in to pishing. Presumably an early post-breeding dispersant. A HOODED ORIOLE was also in the bushes there.

Mike Rogers
Sunnyvale, CA

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