Date: 7/17/20 4:43 pm
From: Chuq Von Rospach via <chuqui=<>
Subject: [southbaybirds] (ADMIN) Change to South Bay Birds list archives
Because of the problems we've had today with the Red Bishop, and that the people abusing those birds are not birders but are likely becoming aware of these birds by birding reports, I've taken an action I've been considering on and off for a while but really preferred not to. Effective today, the South Bay Birds list archives are available ONLY to list members, not the general public. If you are a list member, you'll need to be logged into to view them.

It is possible, but not proven, that SBB is what's keying these people in on these birds. It is also possible that it isn't. But I've wondered for a while whether public archives were a good idea. This closes down one way for this information to leak to people we can't trust and haven't vetted.

That said, my gut tells me it's more likely they doing something like following eBird rare bird reports, which I have no control over. Or perhaps one or more are members here and quietly sifting through the postings in their inbox (if they are, they better hope I never figure out who they are).

There's one other possible place that I've worried about for a while, which is the state lists digests as

I would like to ask all of you to give me your opinion: do the benefits of sending SBB to Sialia outweigh the risks, given what we're seeing with the Red Bishops? I still see a risk of our data being leaked in ways we can't protect or control because of that site. Now I wonder if I can afford to continue supporting it by sending it a copy of our list.

What do you think? I'm torn, and I want to hear your opinions before making any decision.

Please email me privately (<chuqui...>), not on the list.



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