Date: 7/17/20 2:45 pm
From: Chuq Von Rospach via <chuqui=<>
Subject: Re: [southbaybirds] Legal Parking For The Bay Trail Near the A8 Salt Pond Complex
I went and did some looking on this since I was curious.

On the Bay Trail site ( <>) most of the trail shown there is listed as "Planned". There is a bridge along the water past the Fairfield listed on both the bay trail map and Google maps as "the notch", and there's an existing bit of trail from that notch back towards gold street to where it hits the bridge that crosses N over the Guadalupe. Beyond both bridges the trails are listed as "planned", so the only "formal" trail is that one shore segment. The trail that leads S and W from the "notch" bridge is also marked as "planned" to where it does a switchback and them wanders E and S to connect into the San Tomas Aquino Creek trail.

That said, there are clear trails shown on the map on google that seem to be usable, they haven't been formally added to the Bay Trail but there are trails there. I would think if you don't see no tresspassing signs at some point there's no reason to not use them.

> On Jul 17, 2020, at 10:58 AM, Frank Vanslager via <Vanslagerf=<> wrote:
> I thought I'd look to see if there is any legal parking on the west side of the RR tracks near the eastern edge of A8 at Alviso. So I got off 237 at Lafayette and continued through the traffic light at the Gold Street Connector to enter that hotel complex. I kept bearing to the right until I finally got to an end at Fairfield Suites and Residence Inn (see photo #1). Success! Right there are 4 parking spaces labeled "Bay Trail Parking" and "Public Shore Parking" (see photo #2).
> Facing west from there is a sign labeled "Trail Rules" (see photo #3). So I walked west for a couple hundred yards to get to my usual stopping point on the hill overlooking A8. I didn't go further. However, there were 3 separate fishermen with a lot of equipment down at the shore and on the spillway. Later one of the fishermen left, and I saw that he was using the hotel's parking lot.
> I couldn't figure out where the public trail is supposed to go. Is it just one of those future trail segments that later generations will use but the current one cannot?


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