Date: 7/17/20 10:19 am
From: Brian Nicholas <weehawker2...>
Subject: [AZNMbirds] [EXT]SEAZ: Green Valley: Canoa Ranch Conservation Area shorebird potential
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Now that shorebird season is here birders in Pima County will probably notice that shorebird habitat is in short supply now that the wastewater plants are closed off to birders. We also don't have the sludge ponds that other counties have as a backup to find those special shorebirds. Ajo Sewage ponds get some good shorebirds but that is quite a drive.
This is the first year for Canoa Ranch's newly created cienega habitat. It is already getting shorebirds and I'm hoping that this habitat, along with Canoa's location along a major migration corridor, the Santa Cruz River, will create the kind of shorebird habitat normally found at the nearby wastewater ponds. Canoa currently has 15 shorebird species on its overall species list but still has gaps which could be filled this summer and fall. Last year 14 new species were added to Canoa's already overall species list from July to September, impressive for a hotspot which already had over 200 species (moving from 215-229 species). This is Canoa's peak season for finding new and rare species.
The missing ingredient is birders. The ranch was averaging 7 eBird lists per day until July when some days show no lists submitted. So I'm encouraging birders to try this area out if you haven't already, and explore the path along the new cienega. What's nice about Canoa is that any time of day could bring in a migrant, just like the nearby Amado Sewage Ponds. The restored pond and surrounding areas can also be quite birdy. Canoa has already been a mecca for gulls and terns these past 2 years, and the occasional flyover Wood Stork or Magnificent Frigatebird. Below are directions and a list of shorebird species needed at the ranch. Oh, and please record the continuing domestic type Mallard as such in eBird as opposed to Mallard. Amazingly with 180 species recorded this year at the ranch I haven't seen a convincing record for Mallard Duck. If you see one, get a picture!

Canoa Ranch Conservation Area (Historic Canoa Ranch).  Open daily including weekends from 6:00 a.m to 4:00 p.m.Take I-19 to the Canoa Ranch exit. Go east to the frontage road and turn left (north). Canoa Ranch is up quarter mile on the right hand side (the second driveway you come to). 
Here is Canoa Ranch's shorebird needs list; Black-bellied PloverSnowy PloverSemipalmated PloverRuddy TurnstoneStilt SandpiperBaird's SandpiperSanderlingDunlinPectoral SandpiperSemipalmated SandpiperShort-billed DowitcherRed Phalarope
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