Date: 7/16/20 5:47 pm
From: Jack Williamson <jack.williamson.jr...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Empidonax (Yeah-But) and More
The image below shows the location of the nest for anyone planning to visit
the area. Hopefully, this will reduce the chance of inadvertent damage.

[image: DSC01257 2.jpg]

Jack Williamson
West Linn, Oregon

On Thu, Jul 16, 2020 at 11:36 AM Jack Williamson <
<jack.williamson.jr...> wrote:

> Thanks again to everyone that weighed in on this challenging ID.
> On July 14th, a couple of national experts weighed in and indicated that
> the first bird is a Least Flycatcher, something no one locally advocated,
> but the consensus is that the second bird is a Dusky Flycatcher.
> The summary of their opinion was *The bill shape, extensive orange below,
> eyering shape, and relatively blackish wings are all good Least features.
> The general structure is also good for Least.*
> So there you have it. I would have posted this sooner but I was keeping
> the location of the bush secret because it housed a Veery nest that I have
> been closely monitoring since June 19.
> Three chicks fledged yesterday and have now moved about a half-mile west
> into the Aspen where we were able to pick up on their calls for a few
> minutes.
> If you approach the bush from the south-side you will be able to locate
> the nest relatively easily. It is 18 inches off the ground and contains
> one unhatched blue egg.
> Both the nest and egg are in very good condition and I was wondering if
> they might be used by a nature center somewhere.
> If you'd like to chase the Least and or checkout the Veery nest, the
> coordinates of the bush are 44.370922, -121.627845
> Jack Williamson
> West Linn, Oregon and
> Black Butte Ranch

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