Date: 7/16/20 12:56 pm
From: Stephen Mirick <smirick...>
Subject: [NHBirds] Mississippi Kite update - All 4 nests are doing fine
Just an update.....all 4 known nests are doing fine as of this
afternoon.  It is likely there is a very young chick in each nest.

I checked today and saw the following:

GREENLAND - Both adults were seen and when an adult flew in with food, a
young chick was seen.  Still small and hard to see.  When I first got
there, an adult flew off and I waited to see how long the nest was
unattended.  I waited for over 40 minutes before an adult flew back in
to the nest. answer Deb Power's question.....I guess they are
OK with leaving a chick unattended for that long.  I imagine this would
be different if it was raining or extremely hot when an adult would
likely attempt to control the temperature of the young bird.

STRATHAM - One adult was seen today on the nest as if brooding a chick. 
I didn't stay long and could not see the chick; however, Chris Duffy
reported both adults and feeding behavior yesterday.

NEWMARKET - One adult was on the nest as if brooding a chick.  A 2nd
adult was nearby perched and flying.  I didn't stay long enough to
witness a food exchange, but I am assuming a baby is in the nest. This
nest is very difficult to monitor due to branches.

DURHAM - Both adults were seen and a chick was seen being fed by one of
them.  So all appears to be well at this site.  I should mention,
however, that a photographer from MA (didn't have binoculars) was parked
illegally along Madbury Road directly under a no parking sign.  In
addition, she had set up a tripod at the edge of the front yard and was
"camping out" to try to get a good photograph.  While I respect the
desire to get a good photo, we need to respect the property owners (and
the law!!).  I suggest that people park on a side street and stay on the
sidewalk.  In addition, let's all police each other.  If you see bad
behavior, then let the birder/photographer know.  We are very lucky to
have a nest spot like this which is visible from a side walk!!  Let's
not ruin it.

Steve Mirick
Bradford, MA

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