Date: 7/16/20 11:18 am
From: Tammy Eustis via CTBirds <ctbirds...>
Subject: [CT Birds] Chester, 7/16: fledglings, no-shows, and mystery object in sky
Chester, 7/16. Fledgling titmice are now joined by fledgling house
wrens, who have had a grand time dust-bathing in our gravel path today.
Vocal flicker made a quick visit, and the sky over our yard is filled
with chimney swifts and dragonflies.

Just a couple of non-bird observations: haven't seen any bats or
monarchs this year, unusual for us.

And if anyone is out and about right now, please look into the south
sky, about 35-40 degrees up, and see if you can spot that white dot that
I've been watching for over an hour, visible to the naked eye against
the blue sky. It's been drifting *very* slowly east to west; it's only
gone a little over a hands-width in that time. Then see if you can get
it in your binocs or a spotting scope, and tell me what the heck that
is. Dad and I have both looked through our scope, and darned if we know.

Tammy Eustis, Chester

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