Date: 7/16/20 6:39 am
From: paul <pkursewicz...>
Subject: Re: [NHBirds] Comet Neowise
My wife just told me that I should of passed this by Steve first before
posting this to the group. She was right of course. Sorry Steve, my
passion of seeing it last night blurred my thinking.

Paul Kursewicz, Epping.

On 7/16/2020 9:27 AM, paul wrote:
> I realize that this is completely off-topic, but as an amateur
> astronomer I have to share this with all you nature lovers. There is a
> bright comet showing a long white tail in the NW sky right now. And
> all that you need to see it is a pair of binoculars (which I assume
> all of you have). It's about 20 degrees high from the horizon right
> now so if you have tall trees or a building in that area of sky in
> your yard you may have to relocate. It will get higher and higher each
> night. On the next clear night I suggest looking for the comet after 9
> PM. It's not all that dark at that time but you will still be able to
> see it and as it gets darker the image will get better. Do a
> systematic scan starting at the horizon and work your way up. If you
> don't see it, do your scan again moving a little to the left or to the
> right until you do see it. You can't miss it.
> For all of you who have a camera, attach it to a tripod and do a 3 - 5
> second exposure with a high ISO and you should get something.
> Good luck to all and enjoy!
> Paul Kursewicz, Epping

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