Date: 7/15/20 6:01 pm
From: Anthony Hill <anhinga13...>
Subject: Re: [VTBIRD] American Kestels

Here in the CT valley of MA, some of our Kestrels are just now nearing fledging in many of the nests in my study group. Of course, some of them have already fledged. We take 'no female sighting' reports from our monitors to often mean that the female is busy on the nest. One of our nests has a webcam and we've learned that as the chicks get bigger the female leaves the nest to hunt for the nestlings. It almost seems like she doesn't want to be in their with all those rapidly-growing and very hungry 'teenagers' crowding the nest box.

For some reason we had a banner year in our project with almost twice as many nestlings this year compared to previous years. We started this project as cooperators with the State Ornithologist in 2013.

S. Hadley, MA
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