Date: 7/15/20 12:35 pm
From: Chuq Von Rospach via <chuqui=<>
Subject: [southbaybirds] Palo Alto Baylands 7/15
I was out and about and I could spent about 30 minutes doing some quick birding at Baylands. Lots of swallows (cliff and barn) hunting the grounds. The water in the former harbor was about half full with some exposed mud, and there was a group of resting shorebirds. Pretty much the expected: some Western Sandpipers. Willets, a few Marbled Godwits, some very brightly colored Dowitchers and Avocets. In the marsh across from the Parking near Lucy Evans were Stilts and more Avocets plus a single Greater Yellowlegs. In the Duck pond, a single pied-billed grebe, a half dozen White Pelicans and a Double-Crested cormorants were about the only notable species. There were about 10 Snowy Egrets and a single Great Egret hanging out in various areas around the area.


Chuq Von Rospach
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