Date: 7/14/20 6:15 am
From: Tim Rodenkirk <timrodenkirk...>
Subject: [obol] Coos Nighthawk & Meteor 7/14/2020
Well after three days over in Crook and Deschutes Counties I posted a
little trip summary. I received an e-mail from Kevin Smith asking if I had
seen “the comet.”

What comet? Comet Neowise which I should have been looking for at dawn to
NE. I did see it from N Spit Coos Bay at 0400 this AM- truly amazingly
cool. It was foggy at house but I know a fog hole on spit and it was clear
and a nighthawk was diving overhead while I checked it out- wow!

It will quickly disappear in morning sky (it peaked last weekend when I was
oblivious) but will reach its best evening show and be higher up from
tonight through the 19th in the NW sky about 80 minutes after sunset. Good
time to listen for owls and nightjars while enjoying the meteor show! Lots
of info on line.

Happy meteor birding!
Tim Rodenkirk
Coos Bay

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