Date: 7/13/20 5:30 pm
From: Dan Dorrance <d2dorrance...>
Subject: [ia-bird] Fwd: H2O reservoir/ water drip bird bath.
Subject: H2O reservoir/ water drip bird bath.

Hello Birders. For anyone wanting to either improve their back yard water
attraction or set up their first one here is a photo of the one we have. I
have been using a variation of this system in four different residences
over the last 30 years. I got the idea from a backyard birding book (can't
find the book now). This current set up has been in place for the past 13
years. After it blew over in a June storm (near empty) I made a new lid and
resealed the tank bottom as it was developing some rust holes. The vertical
posts holding the tank are old Osage Orange fence post. At the end pipe is
a faucet spigot, which controls the water flow to the bath. I fill the
system with a near by water hose, like 50 ft away. I have a hole in the
top lid with a cross section of osage orange cut that covers the hole and
is able to be rotated around for water filling and then to keep debris
out. The building in the background is an old chicken coop that Ava's
grandparents had built back in the day. I use it now for a bird seed and
feeder storage shed. On an important side note, Ava's grandparents were
married 100 years ago and then moved to this farmstead where we now live.
If you are in the area and would like to see the tank water system, give me
a call at 712-355-0402. We also have a small densely wood area that I keep
wild and then also the surrounding pasture.

P.S. Ava and I also have a place in Tucson, AZ with good bird habitat. I
haven't developed any bird water system there.

P.S.S. Stayed tuned for my next feature on my Purple Martin gourd house/
old wagon wheel, counter weight lowering and raising system.

Take care.

Dan Dorrance
Red Oak, Iowa

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