Date: 7/13/20 4:02 pm
From: Michelle Nelson <mmnelson57...>
Subject: [southbaybirds] Stevens Creek Trail
I visited the Crittenden Marsh and walked along the Stevens Creek Trail
yesterday. I didn't make it to where the Least Terns and sandpipers were,
but spent some quality time with the burrowing owls near the kite area.
When I arrived, a photographer was sitting on the ground outside the
protected owl area. One of the owls had landed very close to her and had
stayed in the same spot for about an hour. I came across both of them and
took a few shots myself. The owl stuck around for another 30 minutes. It
had almost fallen asleep with the lady photographer, and was not too
anxious to leave when I arrived either. The only thing that seemed to
disturb it was a jogger, and it flew to the post soon after. (See picture)
I had pulled weeds for these birds before for SFBBO, but this was
incredible. Was this considered invading its space when the owl was the one
that didn't read the memo? I use an 18-400 mm lens, and had it set for 400.
After the owl took off, I continued on to the marsh area. Two unusual
birds, according to eBird, were a Western Grebe and a Black-headed
Grosbeak. I hope I have identified the grosbeak correctly.
I'm attaching a picture to show where the Grosbeak was. It was a pretty
popular area, with a lot of "slime" below a pipe, followed by a marshy
area. A hummingbird, finch, and egret joined the party. It was across from
the pump station.
For more details:

Michelle Nelson

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