Date: 7/13/20 7:40 am
From: Beverly Wolf <Bev_Wolf...>
Subject: [birders] Bald Eagles in Flint Cemetery
There was a bald eagle nest in the cemetery on Court Street - apparently for
the last 3 or 4 years. I was introduced to it with the promise I would not
reveal the location and I honored the promise. When I first saw it, I was
able to discern two tiny chicks, then shortly thereafter a third head would
bobble up for a few seconds. Between the end of March and mid-June they
developed well and were flapping to develop strength, climbing out on
branches, etc. Then the big storm hit in mid-June. Half of their nest
disappeared, but they continued to use it, be fed, and develop strength.
About 10 to 12 days ago they appeared to have fledged, i.e. flying around
close to the nest.. I've never had the privilege of watching the
development of young eagles before, and it was wonderful. Here is my
question. The storms over this past weekend finished off the nest. It is
gone. The eaglets are gone. Is it likely the eaglets are ok and have
developed enough to survive on their own, or that the mother will still seek
them out to provide food? Is it likely the mother and father will build
another nest in that area? Is there anyone who has heard what has happened
to the eaglets since the storm destroyed the remains of the nest? Thanks
for any input provided.

Bev Wolf

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