Date: 7/12/20 7:14 pm
From: Caleb Centanni <caleb...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Baskett Slough NWR birds
Hi Brandon,

Thanks for your report! Baskett has been so fun this year. The Terns have
been consistently reported since May, and we've seen them entering the
cattails on the north side of the marsh like they are visiting a potential
nest. Watch for juvies...


On Sun, Jul 12, 2020, 6:53 PM Brandon Wagner <bmwboarder...> wrote:

> Hi birding friends,
> My family and I took a nice long hike around Baskett Slough NWR early this
> morning. We started at the main parking lot along Coville Rd and hiked up
> over the butte, to the inter-tie trail, and then did the full loop around
> the Morgan Lake/Moffitti Marsh trail and then back. All together the hike
> was about 4.4 miles.
> The best bird was a pair of Black Terns. I saw them once from near Morgan
> Lake, and then they seemed more settled later at Moffitti Marsh. We also
> saw a Green Heron at Morgan Lake. The whole loop goes thru a nice variety
> of habitat. Moffitti Marsh had a pair of Black-necked Stilts, plus a bunch
> of canada geese. Horned Larks sang out in a few different spots. A
> Yellow-breasted Chat sang from the dense swampy brush south of Moffitti
> Marsh. Moffitti marsh has fairly shallow water right now, and if it got
> just a little lower, I think it might end up being really nice for
> shorebird season. The east end of the trail near Morgan Lake also seemed to
> be a nice open habitat that would be fun to walk repeatedly thru May/June.
> Is it likely the Black Terns are breeding there, being present this late?
> I also saw/heard Acorn woodpeckers in a couple different spots. I don't
> think these used to be around the refuge much?
> At a quick stop at the Narrows (Taverner's Marsh area), there were at
> least 3 Green Herons, one which was on the railing just a dozen feet from
> the road. Plus a Sora walking around on the mud flats in the canal. Sure
> fun to see!
> Cheers,
> Brandon Wagner

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