Date: 7/12/20 6:40 pm
From: LAWRENCE LIESE <larryliese...>
Subject: [AZNMbirds] [EXT]Cienega Creek birding
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This Pima county park (free permit available online) east of Tucson is a nice, close place to get back to nature. Few people are there and its riparian cottonwood gallery is home to lots of birds. Best in summer and migration. Much cooler down in the "canyon" than up in the desert flats.

It was quite birdy there this morning. Standing in one spot you'd see five or six birds fly about in a couple of seconds in the best spots. Saw 3-4 GRAY HAWKS, a BLUE GROSBEAK, heard a N. BEARDLESS TYRANNULET, saw lots and lots of SUMMER TANAGERS and good views of a YELLOW-BREASTED CHAT. Twenty-five species in two hours. Only one stretch of surface flow - driest I've seen it in many visits. Very nice place to unwind if you need to.
Larry Liese
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