Date: 7/12/20 2:53 pm
From: Tim Rodenkirk <timrodenkirk...>
Subject: [obol] Eastern ORish Short Trip 7/10-712/20
I was craving a bit more sunshine and a few new year birds so decided to
take a trip to an easterly direction on Friday.

On got up at o’dark thirty on Friday the 10th and made it to Royal Ave,
Eugene by sunrise where a GRASSHOPPER SPARROW was waiting for me teed up
and singing.

I then headed towards Bend but stopped in Finn Rock where I was able to
relocate the singing RED-EYED VIREO that Roger Robb had recently found-
thanks for another good bird Roger! It was about 100 yards south of the
trail and I walked by where it was but picked it up on the way back-
probably in that 3/4 mile area upstream from boat ramp as Roger originally

From there I drive to Cold Springs Campground near Sisters where I spent a
few hours not finding any Williamson’s Sapsuckers. The camp host naturalist
told me that three pairs had nested but they had all fledged a week or more
earlier and must have wandered who knows where.

I then drove to nearby Trout Creek Swamp where I spent another few hours
finding about a half dozen BLACK-BACKED WOODPECKERS. Their unique call sure
gives them away quickly.

Then off to the Ochocos where I camped near Stein’s Pillar. I was up at
0230 on Saturday with not enough sleep but with hopes to find a Flam. I had
everything packed up but my tent when suddenly one showed up calling! I
promptly went back to sleep for another hour and a half and briefly heard a
Great Horned Owl calling after the FLAMMULATED OWL had departed.

At sunrise I was at the Twin Pillars trailhead still in the Ochocos that
goes up into the Mill Creek Wilderness. Beautiful area with many
wildflowers. I had two surprises, both year birds. Nesting RED-NAPED
SAPSUCKERS and a BLACK-CHINNED HUMMER. There were many Calliopes and Rufous
also. I think I probably heard 40+ Macgillivray’s Warblers. Up in the burn
area about 4 miles in there were several Lewis’s Woodies, always a treat.
Really fun hike and I saw no one on the trail until I was almost back to
the campground at the trailhead.

From there I birded Ochoco Reservoir quickly then on to Crooked River
Wetlands- what a fabulous birding spot! The shorebirding should be awesome
there, I saw about 35 each of Western and Least Sandpipers but no Semisand.
Also 3 G Yellowlegs and 19 LB Dows. There was a small flock of TRICOLORED
BLACKBIRDS, I guess regular in Crook but fun to see. It was warm 90F when I
was at the wetlands.

From there I went south to LaPine then into the forest to the east and
found a nice camp spot in the lodgepole pines. Coyotes yapping all night.
Nighthawks right over camp at dusk and dawn. 40F in AM- brrrr.

From there onto LaPine SP where I hiked about 9 miles by 10AM and found one
juvie female WILLIAMSON’S SAPSUCKER finally! Hiking early meant few folks
on trails too as campground was full. It was 36F when I started my hike
which kept the trails completely empty for the first two hours.

Afterwards, on my way south toward Crescent, I had an adult N GOSHAWK fly
right over the Hwy in Klamath Co- cool!

Then onto the Gold Lake road in Lane County to try and refind the nesting A
3-Toed Woodies Noah Strycker reported from the 7th but no luck there- they
must have fledged and moved on.

Fun trip with lots of hiking!

Happy birding,
Tim Rodenkirk
heading back to Coos Bay

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