Date: 7/11/20 8:47 pm
From: Raja Bhadury <bhaduryr...>
Subject: Re: Fw: [southbaybirds] Don Edwards and Common Tern notes 7/11
A big thank you to Steve and Frank who helped me spot my first Common Tern
today. It was in front of island 6 - almost exactly where Dave Weber saw it
on 7/8. Thanks for the excellent directions.
As Frank requested, I've attached a photo I took. Also attached is a photo
of Forster's Terns of different ages.

Thanks also to Betty and Bob for removing so much trash! I was happy to be
able to offer some help.


[image: DSCN4270.JPG]

[image: DSCN4217.JPG]

On Sat, Jul 11, 2020 at 4:07 PM Betty DeLuco via <beedeebikes=
<> wrote:

> My husband and I were 2 of those people on the ground watching the bald
> eagle near A16 this morning! It was there for a long time and it was
> incredible! We have many pictures but here is one of them. We also carried
> out 3 bags of trash, mostly from near the Drawbridge spur. We met a
> photographer on his bike who carried out some of the bigger trash that we
> couldn't carry. Thank you, Raja(?).
> An awesome morning!
> Betty D
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> *Subject:* [southbaybirds] Don Edwards and Common Tern notes 7/11
> Lots of bird activity this morning. Western Sandpipers are moving through
> in huge numbers now, noticeably more so than a week ago, though I did not
> find any unexpected peeps with them. Some observations of note:
> *Walking the trail between A16 and New Chicago Marsh, I saw several
> photographers a ways ahead of me crouched low intent on something. I
> couldnt see what they were looking at at first but was surprised to see the
> local young Bald Eagle come lumbering onto to the trail in front of them,
> from the A16 side. It was quite close to them. After a bit of harassment
> (from angsty stilts, not the photogs) it took off and landed on top of the
> education center itself where it remained for a long time.
> *In the north part of A16 a Lesser Scaup hen has a brood of 5 small
> ducklings.
> *Other summering/ratty looking waterfowl in A16 include continuing Common
> Goldeneye, Canvasback, Bufflehead and American Wigeon (4).
> *One fledgling Black Skimmer was visible on the edge of the A16 skimmer
> island - it was fully feathered but looked to be just on the cusp of being
> able to fly.
> *I recorded my first juvenile migrant shorebird of the fall - a Wilson's
> Phalarope in A16. I saw a couple adults in full basic plumage as well.
> *I also saw the Common Tern where Frank described it and had nice scope
> views. I can say that it is indeed a first summer Common Tern, rather
> typical looking both in terms of field marks and health. I saw it fly
> several times and, as a bonus, even got pics of the outer tail feathers
> with black outer webs. It does seem highly motivated to loaf in one
> particular spot on its little island and always returned to the exact spot
> despite flying off multiple times, but gave no indication of being unwell.
> As an aside, I don't recall ever seeing a young (black-billed) Forster's
> with both a carpal bar and black extending all the way around the back of
> the head from the auriculars, which are quite reliable field marks for
> picking out young Commons. Without question though, Common vs Forster's can
> be a tricky ID at all ages and Forster's frequently stray from how they are
> portrayed in field guides.
> Steve Tucker
> San Jose

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