Date: 7/11/20 4:07 pm
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Subject: Fw: [southbaybirds] Don Edwards and Common Tern notes 7/11

My husband and I were 2 of those people on the ground watching the bald eagle near A16 this morning! It was there for a long time and it was incredible! We have many pictures but here is one of them. We also carried out 3 bags of trash, mostly from near the Drawbridge spur. We met a photographer on his bike who carried out some of the bigger trash that we couldn't carry. Thank you, Raja(?).

An awesome morning!

Betty D

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Lots of bird activity this morning. Western Sandpipers are moving through in huge numbers now, noticeably more so than a week ago, though I did not find any unexpected peeps with them. Some observations of note:
*Walking the trail between A16 and New Chicago Marsh, I saw several photographers a ways ahead of me crouched low intent on something. I couldnt see what they were looking at at first but was surprised to see the local young Bald Eagle come lumbering onto to the trail in front of them, from the A16 side. It was quite close to them. After a bit of harassment (from angsty stilts, not the photogs) it took off and landed on top of the education center itself where it remained for a long time.
*In the north part of A16 a Lesser Scaup hen has a brood of 5 small ducklings.
*Other summering/ratty looking waterfowl in A16 include continuing Common Goldeneye, Canvasback, Bufflehead and American Wigeon (4).
*One fledgling Black Skimmer was visible on the edge of the A16 skimmer island - it was fully feathered but looked to be just on the cusp of being able to fly.
*I recorded my first juvenile migrant shorebird of the fall - a Wilson's Phalarope in A16. I saw a couple adults in full basic plumage as well.
*I also saw the Common Tern where Frank described it and had nice scope views. I can say that it is indeed a first summer Common Tern, rather typical looking both in terms of field marks and health. I saw it fly several times and, as a bonus, even got pics of the outer tail feathers with black outer webs. It does seem highly motivated to loaf in one particular spot on its little island and always returned to the exact spot despite flying off multiple times, but gave no indication of being unwell. As an aside, I don't recall ever seeing a young (black-billed) Forster's with both a carpal bar and black extending all the way around the back of the head from the auriculars, which are quite reliable field marks for picking out young Commons. Without question though, Common vs Forster's can be a tricky ID at all ages and Forster's frequently stray from how they are portrayed in field guides.
Steve TuckerSan Jose

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