Date: 7/11/20 3:45 pm
From: Lisa Myers <lisa...>
Subject: [southbaybirds] Los Gatos American Dippers this AM
With things opening up, so to speak, today I led my first bird walk
since March. I limited the group to 10, with masks required and no
carpooling or sharing of optics. Our goal was to go find the Los Gatos
Creek American Dippers. We entered the Los Gatos Creek Trail from the
Main Street Bridge in Los Gatos. We stayed on the highway 17 side of the
"Los Gatos Creek Trail". We shared the trail with many folks taking
advantage of a morning outside. For those not familiar with this trail,
as you walk toward Lexington Reservoir you soon come to the section of
the creek with the man-made cement sides. It was here we found the first
of two AMERICAN DIPPERS. It was 8:35 AM. This bird was a juvenile with
almost no tail, light feather edges and a yellowish bill.  It also
looked as if there was some fuzzy feather down showing in a few spots.
It was busy hunting for food and dipping in and out of the water. We saw
it fly a few times.

As we continued up the trail we found a second dipper in the area where
the cement ends and the creek starts to look almost natural and takes a
bend to the left. This section was shaded and had green vegetation
growing out from the center of the creek.  One exposed rock within the
creek provided a great location for the dipper to stand. The bird flew
before we got close enough to note weather it was an adult or not. We do
believe these were two different individuals.

When we turned around and headed back toward the Main St. bridge we
re-found the juvenile sunning itself along the cement edge. When we left
around 9:30 AM it was still there.

This was a life bird for several on the walk, and a new county bird for
those who did not know we had dippers here on the valley floor.

We also observed a family of BLACK PHOEBES as we watched an adult
feeding three yellow gaped baby fledglings.

Lisa Myers
Let's Go Birding/Los Gatos Birdwatcher

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