Date: 7/11/20 2:18 pm
From: Lisa Lava-Kellar <lisalk...>
Subject: [birders] Fewer hummers and butterflies for anyone else? A bit OT...
Hi, Birders,

I am observing a dearth of native butterflies and hummingbirds this year.

Not all of my plants are native, but many are. In the past (about 20 years
or so), hummingbirds have flocked to the Monarda. This year, there are
lots of solitary bees, but no hummers that I've observed. Same with the
hummingbird feeders I have out (3) with sugar water. The only place I've
seen a hummer is at the annual salvia ("Hot Lips") in the shade. The one
in the sun has had zero--that I've seen, anyway. Should I move it to a
shadier spot? The other five in front and back yards are native perennial
salvias. No hummers have been at any of them. Same with the annual
Nicotiana. Perhaps I just haven't been around when the hummers visit.

Also, in past years, black swallowtails, tiger swallowtails, monarchs and
perhaps six other species of native butterflies have visited the plants in
my yard. If anything, I've added to their menu this year. That said, I
also added mulch. Could that be it? Could it be the True Green spray my
neighbors on the corner used (whose yard does not intersect mine, really,
except a bit in front) might be interfering?

I am so puzzled this year! Hope that you might have some thoughts. I
welcome them.

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