Date: 7/11/20 12:05 pm
From: Lee Schoenewe <lschoe...>
Subject: [ia-bird] Summer birding
Yesterday I visited a number of sites in Dickinson County, none of which
required me to wear my mask as protection against Covidiots. There were
420+ Franklin's Gulls on a wetland near the landfill. Half a dozen Black
Terns were flying over another wetland in Spring Run. At Little Swan Lake
marsh the pair of Trumpeter Swans had six cygnets. There were usual
shorebirds in unusual numbers on the mudflats with the Little Swan Lake
drawdown. There were 67 Least Sandpipers, 51 Lesser Yellowlegs, and 8
Solitary Sandpipers (none of which were with another one). Killdeer with
lots of young were hosting a huge summer camp conference!

The drawdown starting at West Hottes Lake was a haven for Great Blue Herons
from some nearby rookery. It is the only place I have seen Forster's Terns
this summer and one was flying about and fishing. I will have to walk back
in to the north end with my scope sometime soon. At Grover's Lake there was
a female Hooded Merganser with nine merganserlings, and molting males of
Lesser Scaup and Ring-necked Duck. I saw lots of Mallard fledgling groups
but have not seen any Blue-winged Teal which is odd.

Keep cool, stay safe and be well!

Lee A Schoenewe



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