Date: 7/11/20 8:24 am
From: Howard Wu <howiewu1...>
Subject: [va-bird] RFI - Ashburn Mississippi Kite
Hi, group --
I saw the adult Mississippi Kite this morning at this place (Claiborne
Pkwy/Early Light Pl. in Ashburn). I have seen them before, including a
newly fledged young bird last year. My report from this morning is at:

But I have never been able to locate their nest. If you have information,
do you mind sharing it with me?

I understand this is a somewhat sensitive topic, and if you don't want to
share, I understand. But I am a very ethical birder -- I used a long
telephoto lens and do not approach wildlife close (in any case, I'd think
this nest is high above ground). I just want to observe the birds in their
nest, especially feeding behavior. If you don't want to broadcast the
information, please email me at: howiewu1 _AT_ gmail _DOT_ com (in case it
is redacted).

Howard Wu
Herndon, VA

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