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You have to be an elder citizen today to recall the days when nighthawks flew over our cities, especially noticeable at nighttime baseball games. To me it was just as interesting watching them catch bugs around the lights as watching Musial, Dusak, Roe, Crabtree, Shoendienst and others play for the RedWings.

Some years ago Bob Brock shared with me his understanding why we lost our city nighthawks. It was due, he claimed, to our change in garbage collection. At the time he offered this idea, we had begun leaving garbage for collection in plastic sacks and these had attracted crows to the city for easy scavenging. Before that crows had been rural birds rarely occurring in urban areas except in a few nighttime roosts. The problem for the nighthawks was that the newly arrived crows also raided the nighthawks' open rooftop nests for eggs and young. They completely extirpated the species from our cities.

I agree completely with Bob's analysis. But now times have again changed and we no longer have open garbage sacks. They are contained in solid carriers. Those can be raided by raccoons but not by crows and, as a result, the crows are retreating to their old habitats. It would be wonderful if nighthawks would return to those open roofs with their major predator in retreat.


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Subject: [GeneseeBirds-L] Common Nighthawk - Buffalo

While leaving Wegmans (Amherst St - Blackrock) this evening just after 10:00 pm, I had a Common Nighthawk calling. There may have been an additional bird or two, but I could not see the birds due to the floodlights in the lot. A nice and unexpected treat!

Joe Fell

Buffalo, NY

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