Date: 7/11/20 2:56 am
From: larspernorgren <larspernorgren...>
Subject: [obol] Re: organ junco and baby cowbird??? video
The Juncos so readily detectable in April and into May are migrants that nest somewhere else, likely very far away. It is remarkable how inconspicuous Juncos can make themselves in breeding season. I have done bird surveys in June where l'm sure Juncos were present at every stop, but based on my detections they weren't among the ten most abundant species on the survey. They have nested at my house for the 27 years l've lived here, but when l heard one singing Friday morning it was the first  time in a week. I'll bet only 10% of the eBird reports l make from my patio in June and July have Junco on them. And l've only detected Juncos in juvenile plumage once or twice here in nearly three decades. Perhaps the cowbirds are to blame for that?Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone
-------- Original message --------From: "joy shreyer(Redacted sender "sjoygene" for DMARC)" <dmarc-noreply...> Date: 7/11/20 12:32 AM (GMT-08:00) To: <Obol...> Cc: Shreyer Gene & Joy <sjoygene...> Subject: [obol] organ junco and baby cowbird??? video Attachment available until Aug 10, 2020My sister in law and I were sitting at her bird feeders yesterday when this oregon junco appeared  feeding this “baby” bird.  First it was unusual to have an oregon junco in my yard this time of year.  They usually leave in late April or early May.  I have not seen one all summer until yesterday.   Second her “baby” was twice her size or more.  Is this a baby cowbird  that she is “hosting” for its parents.?Click to DownloadBDMV-Clip14.mov86 MB
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