Date: 7/10/20 7:05 am
From: Eve Meier <eve.m.meier...>
Subject: Re: [southbaybirds] Least Terns and Snowy Plovers
Correction in my directions: walk east (not west) from the kite flying

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> Hi Everyone!
> Yesterday I parked at the kite flying lot at Shoreline Park and visited a
> variety of hotspots by bike. My first stop was the Stevens Creek Delta. The
> tide was way out and the lighting was bad but I could see thousands of
> peeps and other shorebirds out on the mud flats. A peregrine started the
> hunt and huge murmurations would form. A shorebird murmuration is
> especially spectacular because waves of white (from the birds' undersides)
> would pass through the dark color of the flock as the birds turned
> directions. Behind me, in Salt Pond AB1, there was a small island with
> lots of FORSTER'S TERNS making quite the racket.
> Next, I went south, then turned on the Moffet Bay Trail which runs between
> Salt Pond AB1 and Crittenden Marsh. That's when I first heard the LEAST
> TERNS. They sound completely different than the Forster's and Caspian
> Terns. They are very small and looked stubby to me. I sat on the bench (0.8
> miles from trail junction) awhile to get close views of their yellow bill
> and white forehead patch.
> Ben Pearl from SFBBO was conducting his Snowy Plover survey at the same
> time. When he passed by, he mentioned that there were some SNOWY PLOVERS
> in Crittenden Marsh. So, on my return back to the park lot, I quickly
> scanned the large salt flat areas of the marsh for the plovers and was able
> to spot 5 with a few being close enough to the trail that I had decent
> looks with my binoculars. For more information on Ben's work, you can watch
> the SCVAS Speaker Series video here:
> There were only a few cars in the parking lot and very few people on the
> trails so social distancing was a breeze!
> *Directions*
> Park in the kite flying lot at Shoreline which is just north of the dog
> park. (Bathroom available) Walk west through the overflow parking lot,
> over the two pedestrian bridges, and then walk north. Here's a map from
> MidPen:
> Google maps and the ebird hotspot map will show the rest of the trails
> north of the Stevens Creek Nature Study Area.
> *Hot Spots*
> Crittenden Marsh (Stevens Creek Nature Study Area):
> Salt Pond A2E:
> Stevens Creek Delta:
> Salt Pond AB1:
> Happy birding!
> Eve Meier (San Jose)

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