Date: 7/10/20 5:01 am
From: Ashley Peele <ashpeele...>
Subject: [va-bird] A Glimpse into Childhood Birding from the VABBA2
We’ve been working hard at the Second VA Breeding Bird Atlas project for
nearly FIVE YEARS now! As the heat of July settles in around us, we're all
probably feeling hot and dusty and a little worn out.

So this week, I want to pause from my usual exhortations of ‘keep birding
for the final few weeks of the season’ to share a little palette cleanser
with you. If you’re like me, the headlines over the last 4-5 months have
ground down your optimism about the state of the world. From the obvious
public health crisis to politics to the environment, we see and read much
that is discouraging. But now and again, we find a story that brightens
our day or week or even month, because it reminds us that the world is
still a wondrous, hopeful place.

When VABBA2 writer, Eric J. Wallace, sent me this latest story, I had no
idea how much I personally needed such a reminder, but upon finishing the
story my watery eyes spoke volumes.

So, enough from me! Please take the time to read Eric and Zoe’s story. I
hope you find it as uplifting, as I do…

*Eric** says his nine-year-old daughter’s interest in birding arrived
suddenly and unexpectedly. Introducing her to eBird led to tough talks
about population decline—and a commitment to atlasing for the VABBA2.*

*Read more about Zoe’s birding journey HERE

Ashley Peele, PhD
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Conservation Management Institute - Virginia Tech
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