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Subject: [obol] Re: could this be a wrentit?
Hi -

I agree, of course that this is a female Bushtit, and is quite different in color from a NORTHERN OREGON Wrentit.

Wrentits vary clinally in color from our chocolate ones in northern Oregon to rather grayish in southern California and northern Baja. I point this out because some field guides have represented the species with So Cal plumage which can look a bit more like our Bushtit plumage. They are of course much different in size, but that often does not show well in photos.


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A tricky photo if you look at the tail, which looks huge for a Bushtit.

At least it isn’t Northwestern Crow—too salty.

Alan Contreras
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Ah, crow for dinner ... once again!

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All - this is actually a female Bushtit with what appear to be some matted down feathers in the lores. The colors are wrong for a Wrentit, plus it would be pretty rare to find one at that location this time of year.

Good birding,
-Nick Mrvelj (Portland)

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A Wrentit indeed and great shots as well. They can pretty difficult to get good such good looks at being deep in the shrubs, takes some real patience.

David Vick

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When I took the photos I thought it was a bushtit- but when I see it on the computer screen it just seems to have too big a beak for a bushtit. And the eyes are pretty pale.
I haven’t looked thru every page of my books, but wrentit so far is the only one that looks even close.Your thoughts?
Please respond here so others can see the info.
Seen at Dharma Center on 82nd. Ave., Portland - on July 2nd.
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