Date: 7/9/20 11:30 am
From: Paul Sullivan <paultsullivan...>
Subject: [obol] Fwd: nighthawk on ground

I once climbed the south butte at the Malheur Field Station at dusk. A
Common Nighthawk was displaying overhead. Using my binoculars, I saw the
female on the trail in the dusk. She was pecking at the gravel like a
barnyard chicken, TOTALLY DISINTERESTED. When she moved up the trail ahead
of me, the male's display flight moved with her.

Paul Sullivan


Subject: Fwd:
Date: Thu Jul 9 2020 2:24 am
From: tmcmac67 AT
Hi Birders,

Here's a couple vids of different-for-me behavior. A Common Nighthawk not
looking particulary graceful, getting his grits, and trying to do a a kind
of perspective-enhancing neck pump ...if he only had a neck

and a potpourri of critters entering and exiting stage left, right, up....a
dust up good birding, Tom

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