Date: 7/9/20 9:04 am
From: Zia Fukuda <zialeefukuda...>
Subject: [obol] July OBA Photo Contest
> Wow, where is this month trying to go?! It seems like it's flying past
> (pun...intended 😊) so if you are thinking of submitting a photo into this
> month's contest, PLEASE DO!
> You have until the 14th of this month (deadline is 5 PM) to send me a
> photo of a wild Oregon bird taken in either May, June, or July, that you
> particularly like. It doesn't have to be a NatGeo quality image,
> especially if it's one that speaks to you. That's what folks really like
> seeing anyway! So please, go through your photos from the beginning of May
> and let's see what you've been seeing out there-I can't wait!
> Cheers,
> Zia Fukuda
> Ps. Speaking of "NatGeo" quality (or not) photos and what some folks think
> of their own (there have been multiple conversations in the past) -I took
> this photo on my cell phone (after I'd lost my work radio and had to go
> back to look for it.) I have a camera that I carry around sometimes, that
> produces clearer photos than this one, but this photo is one of my most
> favorites I've ever taken, and it wouldn't have been the same if I'd
> thought I needed (even an actual camera) for this shot.
> So, short story long, don't worry about your photo if it's something
> you're proud of. Someone might have a great close-up of a Mallards face,
> another could have a fairly distant but still amazing photo of a Snowy owl
> or something. So many thoughts go into people's decisions when they vote
> (I'm a sucker for all wrens) so don't doubt yourself or your work!

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