Date: 7/9/20 4:48 am
From: Thomas Miko <thomas_miko...>
Subject: Re: [LACoBirds] Apparent dark-billed tern at Malibu Lagoon
Andy et al,
Why is this bird not a juvenile sandwich tern? Also, Sibley, at least on my iPad, shows juvenile sandwich tern is having an all black bill, or is that an error?
Tom Miko
Claremont (for another half hour)

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Subject: [LACoBirds] Apparent dark-billed tern at Malibu Lagoon

I have not seen this bird but noticed these distant shots posted on iNaturalist of a candidate Sandwich "Cabot's" Tern (or hybrid Sandwich x Elegant) candidate at Malibu Lagoon. It was apparently photographed this afternoon. Unfortunately, to complicate matters, the bird has a dark breast patch, perhaps, indicating oil or perhaps it's indeed just an aberrant Elegant Tern. Anyway, it appears to have a very dark bill and pale tip and so I thought I would flag in case anyone had plans to be out there tomorrow to keep an eye out for it.

And for anyone interested, here's a Flickr page of hybrid types from San Diego

Best, Andy Birch
Los Feliz

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