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While your sighing is indeed early, it is not unprecedented. A juvenile Sandhill Crane was reported 16 July 2004 in Round Top, Fayette County. The bird had been present already around 8 July and was still present 23 July. I wrote to you at the time, but I do not know if you had a chance to visit the place.

Another Sandhill Crane was at Richland Creek W.M.A. Freestone on 16 Jul 2009 (Tim Fennell).

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I guess I am being a bit lazy here as I could research it but it is just easier to ask. Where is the westernmost known general breeding location on the coastal plain? Is this pair considered to be the result of a post-breeding dispersal? To be a bit more precise on the location of these, a couple of miles south of Granger Lk. in Williamson Co. and south of Hwy 1331 near CR 418. Thank you.

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Really cool to see this kind of longitudinal movement in SHCR, I have done some work on Mississippi Sandhill Crane NWR near Gautier Miss. Which is about 600 road miles east, a lot of those birds where banded, I could not see any bands on the cranes. This is not say there not from Miss. , some did get jewelry. The population in Florida are not band as well. There has always been the question when the resident pop. would get crowded and birds start to move around in some type of longitudinal migration.

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Most surprising. Eubanks et al shows early date of Oct 13 for the UTC. I wonder if these are resident non migratory birds wandering in from the east?

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A pair found near Granger Lk. this AM feeding in newly disc'ed wheat field July 7. Thoughts for those of you not on social media. <<7Cfred.collins...>%7Cde883b5d814f4bb3fd1308d822b2b35f%7C0d9bc79c581b4477acf78d70dd3e555a%7C0%7C0%7C637297498193937661&sdata=6nzwjpeWIg1hJyBG4gMh14HYw5GXG%2BO94fdRUHlKp9o%3D&reserved=0>


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