Date: 7/8/20 10:58 am
From: Howard Wu <howiewu1...>
Subject: [va-bird] Loudoun County Ruff -- no
As you may know already from the absence of emails and eBird reports, that
the Ruff at Middlesex Pond in Loudoun County was not seen today.
We of course don't know what happened. Maybe it moved on. Or maybe it
relocated to a different location. I looked at Google maps and there are
quite a few ponds and lakes around there, especially further west (which
would be South Riding). If anyone who has time (I don't), you may want to
check them out.

Another possibility (I gasp) is that, maybe the pair of Red Foxes got it. I
saw the foxes yesterday and today, they were out and about on the far shore
(opposite Middlesex Drive). Yesterday (7/7), at times, the Ruff was near
that shore when the foxes were out, and it seemed somewhat unwary (unlike
the Killdeer which seemed more jittery), and I cringed when I thought about
it. But of course, we do not know.

Howard Wu
Herndon, VA

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