Date: 7/7/20 10:33 pm
From: Robert O'Brien <baro...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Newport Nearshore Pelagic - Day 2
Thank heavens we are back to the Fantastic photos again. I was a little
worried for a while. Bob

On Tuesday, July 7, 2020, Roy Lowe <roy.loweiii...> wrote:

> Yesterday, we again ventured out of Yaquina Bay reportedly to fish but
> also to observe wildlife. We headed NW to a point 5.1 miles west of the
> Yaquina Head Lighthouse. We observed a single Cassin’s auklet about 1 mile
> offshore and a dozen red-necked phalaropes feeding in a debris line about
> 2-3 miles out. We fished for nearly 3 hours at the location 5 miles off
> the head and during that time saw only 3 sooty shearwaters and 1
> fork-tailed -storm-petrel. We got a glimpse of a smaller tern
> (non-Caspian) but it never came close for ID. The best observation at this
> location was a single humpback whale. We then headed in towards Yaquina
> Head with murres going in all directions. We were fishing about 300 yds
> offshore of the head when we were overflown by a US Coast Guard C-27J
> aircraft. It is a beautiful plane that is based in Sacramento, CA and
> since it has wings it can be included here. I had no idea they were flying
> this type of aircraft. I digress, as I was shooting some photos of the
> aircraft I noticed that two rhinoceros auklets had landed nearby. To my
> amazement they began to swim closer and closer to us and then I noted
> why……they were courting and not paying any attention to us! In all my
> years on the water along the Oregon coast I had never seen rhinos
> courting. Oregon has a very small breeding population so being in the
> right place at the right time is one thing but also in calm seas? That
> won’t happen again soon. They were strutting around side by side,
> following one another, clicking bills together and more. I missed
> capturing some of the behavior as my mouth kept flooding with seawater from
> my lower jaw dropping, but I’m very pleased with the photos I obtained and
> the spectacle we witnessed. If you’re interested in seeing some of the
> photos you can find them here
> 24707703@N06/albums/72157715011608591
> Roy Lowe,
> Waldport, OR

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