Date: 7/7/20 8:57 pm
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Subject: [obol] Re: Mystery Song
After hearing all of the discion on this has any one thought it couple be
Just wondering
Kim Kathol

On Tue, Jul 7, 2020, 2:50 PM Paul Sullivan <paultsullivan...>

> FWIW...
> After I posted this, I went to Xeno Canto and looked through the whole
> library up to page 21 on the webpage. That's a lot of recordings. I
> opened
> and played each recording that said "juvenile" or "begging." I did not
> find
> any example that was even close to Kay Carter's mystery singer.
> Has anyone explored Poorwill calls? I know, they're not supposed to be up
> in a tree in Canby.
> Soras are ventriloquists. I once stood on the road at Killin Wetlands
> looking down on the fence line in flooded water. There was one thin strip
> of grass. The bird was right THERE, right in front of me, in broad
> daylight
> -- except it wasn't. The SOUND was THERE. The bird was
> somewhere......else.
> Paul Sullivan
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> Subject: Re: Mystery Song
> I once spent most of an hour circling a single dense bush at the P Ranch at
> Malheur NWR, trying to see a mystery singer. It gave an repeated call that
> I can't say I remember after many years. When I finally found it, it was a
> fledgling, speckled Robin, begging, begging, begging.
> Paul Sullivan
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> Subject: Re: Mystery Song
> Date: Mon Jul 6 2020 11:17 am
> From: matthewghunter AT
> Regarding Kay Carter's mystery song.
> That IS a tough one!!! I don't think it is a Hutton's Vireo or a Sora. It
> has a thrush quality, and my first guess is an American Robin for whatever
> reason doing a single note, but in between several of these notes I can
> barely hear a little robin "laughter" or chuckles, consistently right after
> the down-up call. The quality matches robin well. If it was in trees, robin
> would make sense. A tough one, but that's my guess.
> Matt Hunter
> Umpqua Basin
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