Date: 7/7/20 6:22 pm
From: Tim Rodenkirk <timrodenkirk...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Rose-breasted Grosbeak- Face Rock, Bandon, Coos County
Wow- very interesting post Don.

On 28 June 2019 I spied an adult male RB Grosbeak in the top of a tree on
the 2400 block of Bandon Beach Loop Drive. Shortly thereafter a male BH
Grosbeak chased it off NE towards the same Strawberry Drive cul-de-sac. I
could not relocate either grosbeak but didn't spend a lot of time. I
figured the Rose-breasted was a migrant and was just passing through in
early June.

Today, Don and Robyn found what sounded like an immature male on the 2200
block of Beach Loop Drive which flew off to the SE towards the same
Strawberry Drive cul-de-sac.

Both these sightings were virtually in the same location. Interesting the
immature male this year had an orangish-red breast?

About 20 yrs ago, there was a male RB Grosbeak photographed feeding some
young grosbeaks east of Myrtle Point, Coos along the East Fork of the
Coquille at a residence. I went and saw the male after seeing the photos.
Also at the feeder there were like 8 BH Grosbeaks, both male and female. I
always figured that one of the females may have sired the young with the
male Rose-breasted but can't say for sure. I never saw the young birds
myself and not sure if I would have been able to tell a hybrid from a pure

A few years back Russ Namitz found a singing RB Grosbeak male at Pistol
River, Curry. I went down to get my county RBGR but found a hybrid
grosbeak- looked just like a Rose-breasted but the breast spot was all
orange. We ended up deciding it was a hybrid. I still need a
Rose-breasted for Curry...

I need to look at Don's photos but it is very coincidental (interesting
word choice Tim) that there are Rose-breasteds in the same location two
years straight in Coos?

I think the late Oregon Indigo Buntings of late could end up with a Lazuli
partner, I know they have interbred elsewhere.

Just speculating and wondering. I hope the grosbeak is around again
tomorrow AM!

Happy July birding (shouldn't I be looking at shorebirds)!
Tim Rodenkirk
Coos Bay

On Tue, Jul 7, 2020 at 2:43 PM Don Henise <kiskadee3...> wrote:

> Tried to send this earlier from my phone, but it bounced.
> The Rose-breasted Grosbeak reported on eBird 7/6 by out of state birder
> Steve Svedeman was refound thus morning. Young male with redish orange on
> breast, black head and back. Breast color circled up around collar. Both
> mandibles pale grey. White rump.
> It was in bushes at south end of wayside near Beach Loop Road and flew
> east toward houses on Strawberry Drive cul-de-sac. We were not able to
> refind it.
> Don Henise
> Myrtle Point, OR
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> Don Henise
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