Date: 7/7/20 7:36 am
From: Gerard Lillie <gerardlillie...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Mystery Song
Regarding Hutton's Vireo songs, they can be either upward slurred or downward slurred. They also can either be clearly sung or buzzy. Whatever they choose for a particular song event will be repeated in that song. They then can change it up the next time they sing. They are a very interesting songster.

Gerard Lillie
Portland, OR

Subject: [obol] Re: Mystery Song

I am not advocating for any one of the suggestions offered to date -- that is above my pay grade. But the visual similarity between the sonograms of Kay's recording and this HUVI from Macaulay Library is interesting -- to me, at least. That said, they do not sound alike. Kay's mystery song is clear and flutey and the HUVI (which was recorded by Issac Denzer, 17 February 2018, at E.E. Wilson WMA) is more buzzy.

[Inline image]

[Inline image]

Andrew Thomas

On Monday, July 6, 2020, 1:08:05 PM PDT, Kay Carter <kaycarter001...> wrote:

The only alteration I made to the recording was to amplify it some.

I agree with you, Mike, though I hardly have the expertise that you do.

The suggestions of Purple Finch and Robin come much closer to matching the “quality” of the sound, to my ear.


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