Date: 7/6/20 8:28 am
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Subject: [CT Birds] Juv Barred Owls
Agreed- sounds exactly like recently fledged Barred Owls. We have them nesting in our wet woods for many years and the fledglings are quite vocal right now just as you described.

Joe Bear

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> Subject: [CT Birds] Night sound help...probably not a bird tho
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> We live in the swampy woods of mid Madison. 8 years. I feel I know every sound out there. Tonight, at dusk, I hear something that has me stumped. At first, there was a single ascending "screeeeee." High pitched squeek, thin with a slight rasp. Every 30 seconds. As darkness fell there were multiple vocalers. Ended by 9:30.
> Doubting a bird.
> Slim chance a frog.
> Maybe a mammal. Or insect.
> Any guesses or confirmations?
> Joe Budrow
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> Subject: [CT Birds] Night Sound help
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> Try listening to a recording of the juvenile Barred Owl call. They make a
> call similar to what you described.
> John Oshlick
> Bethany

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