Date: 7/6/20 7:29 am
From: DEBRA M POWERS <dmp2ec...>
Subject: [NHBirds] Least Tern HBSP update
Good Morning:

I wanted to see how the least terns have done given all the activity that I continue to see reported on the news for Hampton Beach. Under foggy skies this morning I did not see the numbers of either the Least Terns or Piping plovers that I was hoping to see. Over the past few weeks I have stopped once a week observing. I am confident to say that there were 5 nesting Least Tern sites, I had observed 4 catchings, two chicks apiece. Today I only saw three families, what I believe to be the first hatching I saw one chick that could fly ( I know that there were two initially). The adult brought food in however did not stay with it, this adult feed that one chick twice, I never saw another one that size approach that adult.
Next which I believe to be the second hatching, one adult however chicks running around, the other adult came in and fed often.
The third pair that I observed I believe maybe the one that was sitting on the nest last, they appear to be smaller/newer. Both parents staying in the immediate area/feeding.
There was one more pair of adults acting strange, almost like a mating dance, rubbing up on each other, making a different call then I have ever heard. Perhaps they had chicks near by however I did not see and they never left the area.
I walked to where a separate nesting site was near the enclosure for the piping plovers ( saw two chicks with them last week) however no terns or chicks, perhaps up in the grass?
Piping Plovers I only say two larger chicks on the beach, I had two adults come into the Least Tern area, but were pushed out by the terns, perhaps the chicks were up in the marsh grass, hope so.
Deb Powers-South Berwick Maine

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