Date: 7/5/20 3:00 pm
From: Kay Carter <KayCarter001...>
Subject: [obol] Purple Finch? Really???
On Thursday morning I was on my regular local bird walk when I heard what I immediately believed to be a Cassin's Vireo. It was near the top of a row of Photinia. I thought that was pretty cool, because although there had been one nearby in breeding season for 3 years or so, that was a number of years ago and I've not detected one in the area before or since.

This bird was moving through the branches, and though I could easily follow its movements both by following the moving branches and by ear, I was struggling to get it in sight. But finally, I got a glimpse - and it turned out to be a "female-plumaged" (probably first-year male) Purple Finch. I hoped I'd just spotted the wrong bird, but the finch flew away almost immediately, and the call - which had been constant for at least 3 minutes - disappeared with it.

Yes, Purple Finches have a variety of songs, and yes wishful thinking can play a big part in bird ID, but I can't help but think that finch was really enjoying tricking me.

Kay Carter

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