Date: 6/30/20 6:57 am
From: Ted Levin <tedlevin1966...>
Subject: [VTBIRD] June 30, 2020: Coyote Hollow, Thetford Center
5:31 a.m. 62 degrees, wind SW 1 mph. Sky: low clouds and across the valley
meet high fog; a veil of moisture; much needed and much appreciated. Lower
pasture and far end of wetlands in the throes of humidity white-out.
A landscaped engorged by an element that had been desperately missed.
Permanent streams: invigorated by the deluge, purling; a rhapsodic and
hypnotic melody. Intermittent streams: one a series of puddles strung
together; the other braids of mud; both seep eastward. Leaves drip, which
sounds like rain. Saturated earth a downhill ooze; pirated by streams. The
entire valley a watery rendezvous.

A creche of poults rise from the edge of a neighbor's driveway and scatter
into the maples, an uncoordinated explosion. Three hens strut out of the
meadow, stand mid-driveway, silently supervising. Look like dinosaurs. Jays
particularly noisy and wet, soaked feathers matted; more gray than blue.
Crows particularly quiet. Except for ovenbirds and red-eyed videos,
songbirds involved in other domestic responsibilities. A swamp sparrow, a
quiet trill that fades away. Red-shouldered hawk hunts elsewhere. Bittern,
screened by reeds, silently spears frogs.

A moisture swollen world, thick with the promise. A world wreathed in mist.
And pendent raspberries that need my immediate supervision, my undivided
attention . . . for the moment.
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