Date: 6/29/20 8:13 pm
From: Marcia Wade - Lafayette, Boulder County <marciaewade...>
Subject: [cobirds] Question about great blue herons
I have a question about great blue herons. At the nest I have been
watching since it was built at Hecla Pond, the parents have apparently
left. I have not seen them for two days. One of the two juveniles can
fly, and the other one not so much. When I went today, there was only one
juvenile in nest, and a little while later, I saw a heron flying around the
island the platform is on.. At first I thought it was one of the parents,
but was disabused of that notion when he crashed into the tree next to the
platform. He proceeded to flap around frantically in the tree trying to
get back to the nest. The other one went to edge of platform and watched
all this attentively, and later I saw him in a tree on the other side of
the platform, but I didn't see whether he hopped or flew there. Eventually
they both got back into the nest. My question is whether the parents would
leave them before they can take care of themselves. Last year, the same (I
assume) parents did not disappear until both babies were flying and could
forage for themselves (I watched them fight over a crawfish one had caught
right after the parents left - it was a hoot). Anybody know the answer?
Thanks in advance.

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